Mighty Mites Hockey

No experience necessary – we welcome all skill levels. The CRRA encourages fun, essential skill building and learning the game of hockey. Equal ice time for all players! Instruction is provided on a regular basis – on and off the ice officials present.


Regular season: September to March

Boys & Girls aged 4 to 8 years old (AS OF  December 31, 2019)




We provide approximately 62 plus hrs in regular season play and practices for all players

Full goalie equipment supplied for all A-liners (left & right handed)


We play on a full sheet of ice.


Winter Carnival Tourney: all teams play equal number games. All players will receive a trophy

End of year banquet: free to all players that include awards



Your team is required to do some fundraising like sell 50/50 ticktes etc. . 

Our hockey program relies on the funds from each fundraiser  to keep our program running year after year.


Mighty Mites Hockey REG 2020/21 Season

WE will accept registrations  online  or by  phone  683-8451.

Email: community@currentrivercom.com

No Payment until we know whats going to happenwith the program

due to Covid and requirements.


Date Time Home   Away   Notes Game #
1-Nov-20 1:00PM Leafs   Leafs   Single Team Practice 1
1-Nov-20 2:15PM Bruins   Bruins   Single Team Practice 2
3-Nov-20 6:30PM Canadiens   Canadiens   Single Team Practice 3
7-Nov-20 11:45AM Flyers   Flyers   Single Team Practice 4
8-Nov-20 1:00PM Leafs   Bruins   40/10 practice/scrimmage 5
8-Nov-20 2:15PM Canadiens   Flyers   40/10 practice/scrimmage 6
10-Nov-20 6:30PM Leafs   Flyers   40/10 practice/scrimmage 7
13-Nov-20 6:15PM Bruins   Canadiens   40/10 practice/scrimmage 8
14-Nov-20 1:00PM Flyers   Bruins   40/10 practice/scrimmage 9
14-Nov-20 2:15PM Canadiens   Leafs   40/10 practice/scrimmage 10
15-Nov-20 2:15PM Bruins   Leafs   25/25 practice/scrimmage 11
15-Nov-20 3:30PM Flyers   Canadiens   25/25 practice/scrimmage 12
17-Nov-20 6:30PM Flyers   Leafs   25/25 practice/scrimmage 13
20-Nov-20 6:15PM Canadiens   Bruins   25/25 practice/scrimmage 14
21-Nov-20 11:45AM Bruins   Flyers   25/25 practice/scrimmage 15
21-Nov-20 1:00PM Leafs   Canadiens   25/25 practice/scrimmage 16
22-Nov-20 1:00PM Leafs   Leafs   Single Team Practice 17
22-Nov-20 2:15PM Bruins   Bruins   Single Team Practice 18
24-Nov-20 6:30PM Canadiens   Canadiens   Single Team Practice 19
27-Nov-20 6:15PM Flyers   Flyers   Single Team Practice 20
28-Nov-20 11:45AM Leafs   Bruins   10/40 practice/scrimmage 21
28-Nov-20 1:00PM Canadiens   Flyers   10/40 practice/scrimmage 22
29-Nov-20 1:00PM Leafs   Flyers   10/40 practice/scrimmage 23
29-Nov-20 2:15PM Bruins   Canadiens   10/40 practice/scrimmage 24
1-Dec-20 6:30PM Flyers   Bruins   10/40 practice/scrimmage 25
4-Dec-20 6:15PM Canadiens   Leafs   10/40 practice/scrimmage 26